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Teint Actuel by Dior

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Photo source by: chiara.makeup on Flickr

A foundation is like a second skin which may live in harmony with any skin-type. With its new foundation, Teint Actuel, Dior has created a product that will respond to the needs of even the most discerning women.

This is a cream foundation that is extremely light, translucent and matt bringing excellent comfort and staying power whilst also giving a line softening effect that offers a perfect finish. It gives a texture that is smooth, velvety and rich giving you lightness at your fingertips, so lightweight and comfortable that as soon as it’s applied you will have forgotten that you are wearing it.


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Diamond said...

Great Blog .
Can be really helpful to women who just likes to put on make up and look beautiful.

Apply cream foundation is just a basic need of make up and some don`t really now how to apply them in a perfect way .

I think this blog can really be a great help for women.

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