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Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks For Women #WomenTalk

Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks For Women #WomenTalk

Wrinkles are also becoming a prevalent problem now-a-days Wrinkles are probably inevitable, however the sharpie look is not. Below few of the homemade remedies to reduce wrinkles by reversing the processes that create them not with costly surgical procedures or anti-aging creams, but with tried-and-true tips which are grounded with homemade remedies.

Key ingredients with this anti aging facial mask are filled with antioxidants and beautifying properties. They're easy to combine and can become part of your natural anti aging skin care routine.

Yogurt Turmeric Face Mask

Take a clean bowl and add two tablespoons yogurt and then add a pinch of turmeric powder inside it and mix well and then put it on all over your face and allow it to get dry and then scrub them back, you will see the mask will turn brownish cause it clean all layers of the face and then wash the face with worm water, do this mask three to four times per week and you will see your skin will begin getting prettier and fresher and it'll start getting clear too.


Oatmeal is much more than just a breakfast food. It's the primary active ingredient in this facial mask since it will work to absorb excess oil onto the skin and in the pores. This kind of oatmeal skin mask will exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells leaving your face soft and smooth. Oatmeal can also be well known for its healing properties.

Milk Raw Cocoa Face Mask

Take a half cup milk after which add 3 heaped tablespoons raw cocoa powder in it and blend well and make a thick smooth paste and today apply the paste all over your face for 10-20 minutes after which wash it off with lukewarm water, you can use it 4 times a week.


Many skin care products use avocado oil because of its anti aging properties to help create youthful, glowing skin. Actually, avocados have been used for centuries to rejuvenate your skin. The ancient Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations knew how beneficial the oils in avocados will be to aid in beauty and reduce eye puffiness.


The nectar collected from flowers to form honey is for more than just desserts. It is one of the main ingredients for skin care. Honey is beneficial to the skin due to its healing properties. Honey contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, phosphate, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C along with the presence of copper, iodine and zinc.

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Fred Hawson said...

Another blog about natural masks. I should really try one of these concoctions one of these days to see its effects.

Raine Pal said...

I try OATMEAL for my DIY face mask it is very great, but I need to stop because oatmeal is too expensive. Anyway, there is nothing wrong using homemade anti aging face masks, just have a proper knowledge how to use it to avoid skin problems.

Sim @ SimsLife.co.uk said...

I've heard such great things about Oatmeal for skincare - I need to crack on with anti ageing products!!

papaleng said...

Second for the day about face mask. Hope my wife had a change of heart if ever she reads this post and the other face mask post.

Elizabeth O. said...

I've know about oatmeal, but everything else is new to me. I have a few fine lines under my eyes that I want to get rid off. I will try these!

Mia Foo said...

I've once thought of using raw oatmeal to wash my face (previously there was an oatmeal cleanser craze) but I couldn't stand the smell of it. maybe I can now mix in some honey into the oatmeal to make a cleansing scrub that smells yummier? :)

Sin Yee said...

I tried using egg only. After that, I didn't DIY my own mask anymore. Using the raw materials to create mask sounds easy, but if you used not the fresh one, you will suffer. It doesn't feel as great as what you think.

lee rosales said...

I agree that wrinkles are inevitable but its great that we have diy face mask. i agree that honey is a good alternative and avocado as well..

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

Tumeric mask seems to be very popular in Thailand. Is there a reason why?
As for the rest, I've already known about them! They are indeed nice to use!

Franc said...

This are nice since the mask is natural products. It's much safer than other products that is chemical based.

Nicol said...

yes to honey! my mum does a lot of honey masks herself. i need to learn from her

Amanda Love said...

I've heard that Avocado is pretty good but have never tried it. I'll have to since I'm getting older and now I can see wrinkles. :)

Jason P. said...

Might try the honey ones!! These masks look really helpful! :)

Louise Banta said...

I have heard the benefits of using actual ingredients that buying the sachet ones however, I think most people would rather buy those than actually use food on their faces or skin.

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