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How to Remove Eye Make-up

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Removing Eye Make-up:

All eye make-up must be thoroughly removed. If left-over traces are not to dry out and damage the delicate tissue that surrounds the eyes. Mascara in particular is very easy to miss; after your regular eye make-up cleansing procedure, try removing final traces of mascara with a cotton-tipped stick dipped in cleanser.

Cleansing Procedure:

Begin by applying eye make-up remover directly to a cotton wool pad. With your eye closed, draw the pad over the upper lid, starting from the inside corner of the eye. Again, with your eye closed, use the other side of the pad for the lower lid. Continue with a clean pad until no more make-up can be removed. Then repeat this procedure for the other eye, always using a different pad.


The eyebrows are important part of your overall face shape and expression, and should not be neglected when your are thinking of eye make-up. If your eyebrows are in good shape they will balance the features and provide a frame for your eyes. If the eyebrows are very thin and hard they will look unnatural: if they are very thick and shaggy they will tend to look unfeminine and to overshadow your eyes.


The natural shaped of your eyebrows and the place on the brow where they grow will probably be a natural balance to your face shape. This means that it is usually best not to alter their shape too drastically. A good way of establishing where your eyebrows should begin and end the how high they should arch is to use the simple measuring technique which follows. If you have a small brow and fine features, your eyebrows should be delicate too. If your features are heavy, then your eyebrows may need strengthening and defining more clearly if they are to play their full part.

Measuring the Eyebrows:

1) Sit in the front of a mirror and take a pencil in one hand.

2) Hold the pencil so that it makes a line from the side of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye and upward: where the pencil touches the eyebrow is where your eyebrow should start.

3) Hold the pencil at an angle from the side of the nostril, past the outer corner of your corner of your eye and outward: this is where your eyebrow should end.

4) If you look straight ahead, the highest point of your eyebrow should be directly above the iris of your eyes.


Removing straggling hairs from around the edges of your eyebrows and also removing any very brushy will improve the outline of your eyebrows. But take care not to remove too many hairs of your eyebrows may end up looking rather bald and unnatural. It is a good idea to pluck your eyebrows after taking a hot bath, as the skin is softer then and the hair follicles are more open. You will probably find that slant-ended tweezers are better for plucking the eyebrows than either straight-or-rounded ones. After plucking your eyebrows, give them another brushing with your eyebrow brush, and then wipe them with a mild toner to close the follicles that have had their hairs removed.


1) First brush your eyebrows in to shape with a special eyebrow brush or a clean old toothbrush.

2) Then use tweezers to pluck out the stray hairs. Begin by removing stragglers from between your eyebrows and then tidy up the general outline.


Most people prefer to use a fine eyebrow pencil for defining their eyebrow. Always choose a color to tone with your own eyebrows and hair color: your face will look strange if you choose a color that is at odds with your natural coloring. If you are using an eyebrow pencil make sure that it is very sharp so that you can draw the lines exactly where you want them. Always start at the inner corner of the eyebrow and use short, light upward strokes as you work toward the middle.

From the center of the eyebrow to the outer edge, use the same kind of feathery strokes as before as before but this time, tip them downward.


Always pluck brows in direction of growth so as not to damage the hair follicle.

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