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Homemade Beauty Recipes Made From All Natural Products #WomenTalk

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Who said that beauty couldn’t be easy and inexpensive? The traditional beauty trend is that the more expensive a product is, the better it must be. Nonsense. You can create your own beauty products at home for very little.

Beauty products can claim that they are organic or natural on the bottles but be not totally truthful. The actual natural products can comprise a small part of the cream, oil, or shampoo. The fillers and other preservatives in the products could be irritating to even the healthiest of faces.

Using your own beauty products keeps you from having to deal with the cosmetic companies and their sometime exaggerated claims. Natural beauty is a dying art. In ancient times, cosmetic face paint as they called it and medicines had natural origins. Today, these things are created from formulas in the lab. Improvements in these industries meant artificial ingredients. For makeup, your skin could be affected.

There’s nothing wrong with starting over without preservatives. Natural beauty recipes use vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers as their base. Whatever you buy, try to stick with ones that have not been treated with weed killers or insect sprays. These chemicals could make their way into your beauty regimen.

Lemons – They are tart but true to your skin. Lemons can ease a sore throat and also lighten dark spots on the skin. As a natural astringent, it pulls impurities out of the skin leaving it smooth and beautiful. Half a lemon is all you need to rub away many skin problems. Mix a bit of reduced lemon juice with water for a naturally lemon scented hair spray.

Roses – Red, white, yellow, or pink, they are all fragrant and beautiful. Rose petals are soft and when added to a hot bath, transfer that fragrance to your body. You can create your own all natural rose water by steeping roses and adding a bit of coconut milk.

Strawberries – They make the best shortcake and fruit glazes. The seeds are murder on your bridgework but great for removing dead skin. Combined with coarse salt and olive oil, strawberries and their seeds make a perfect natural exfoliate for the body.

Bananas – Cream one and use it as a beauty treatment. Bananas contain an important electrolyte in the body potassium. Restore the moisture balance in your skin with a facial mask made from banana. Mix your creamed bananas with egg white and yogurt to create the mask.

Honey – Honey contains a wealth of antibacterial properties for a healthy body. Those properties can be transferred to the skin with a honey facial mask. For dry skin, mix some natural honey with cooked oatmeal. Oily skin requires an astringent like vinegar in combination with the honey. Splash your face with warm water to open pores and then apply the all natural mask.

Natural beauty treatments are cost efficient and effective. In addition, you avoid exposing your skin to the irritating fillers and chemicals that come in many commercial beauty products. Whip up a batch on a weekly basis and pamper yourself. It’s a small sacrifice for a lifetime of beauty.

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