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Washing Machine Mold: Why It Builds Up and How To Eliminate It

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Have you noticed how household chores have an uncanny knack of reappearing, even though you've spent an entire day completing them? What about that mountainous pile of dirty towels that had finally found its way into the washing machine, only to come out smelling like musty smelling washing machine mold? You're not alone.

The problem of a smelly washing machine isn't at all unique, as washer manufacturers are inundated with owners complaining that there must be a fault in their appliance because of a musty smell in their washing machine. However, many people do not understand why the smell exists, and more importantly how to get rid of that awful smelly washing machine odor for good.

First Things First - Is There A Smell Behind The Washer?

Chances are if your washing smells musty, the laundry room will also need to be cleaned as well. Before tackling the washing machine itself, first pull the washer out and give the entire area a good thorough clean. Wipe the walls and mop the floor, as the smell may be generating from under the washer or around it.

Sometimes a mouse may have crawled up inside the motor or at the back of the dryer or perhaps a soiled item of clothing may have fallen there. This may account for any odors around the washer itself. By checking and cleaning the surrounding area of the smelly washing machine first, you can guarantee that all remaining unpleasant smells must be washing machine mold.

What Causes Washing Machine Mold To Develop In The First Place?

One of the major reasons for mold build up and smelly washing machine problems is that people close the lid when the washer is not in use. This lessens air flow and increases the humidity inside the washer. If able to safely do so -- the door can be left ajar.
Another good tip is to leave a window open in the laundry room, or install an exhaust fan where there is poor air ventilation. Additionally, if you have a smelly washing machine that needs some prompt attention, use a specialized washer cleaner to remove the source of any bad odors.

Too Much Detergent Can Create Washing Machine Mold

A smelly washing machine is normally caused by overuse of detergents and/or fabric softener. It is recommended to use just a fraction of the detergent advised to use -- especially when using softened water. Fabric softener is dispensed in the rinse cycle so it tends to build up on the inside of the outer plastic washer drum. Detergents and softeners are a food source for mold to grow in the dark, moist washing machine. Remove the food source and the mold can't grow!

Once you have removed the offensive odor, use only 1/4 of what the detergent instructions advise, as not only is this amount more than adequate to clean your wash load, but it will also be less expensive.

Avoiding Smell In Front Loaders

If you have a front loading washer that is causing unpleasant odors, it is often due to using the wrong type of washing detergent. Normal detergent used in front loading washers creates too many suds, which collect in the washer's nooks and crannies, eventually causing mold. Use only HE (high efficiency - which means low suds) detergent, as this is especially formulated for the modern front loader washer.

With these simple steps, washing machine mold can easily be eliminated and prevented, and you'll soon be on your way to fresh, odor-free laundry.

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