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Keep The Romance Alive In Your Relationship #WomenTalk

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Keep The Romance Alive In Your Relationship

Are you married or do you currently live with you partner? For many couples, marriage or cohabitation, often spells trouble for many relationships. While there are a number of different reasons for the cause of this common issue, it's often attributed to a lack of romance. To help you keep your relationship with your live-in partner or your husband going strong, it is important to keep the romance in your relationship alive.

As nice as it's to hear that you should keep the romance alive in your relationship, you possibly wondering exactly how you should go just about doing so. When creating romance in your relationship, it's important to know that not all couples are the same. For that reason, you may want to keep your partner’s wants, needs, or interests in mind. This is another key to having a happy and healthy relationship, compromise.

One of the best ways to keep romance alive in a relationship is actually quite simple concept. That concept is affection. Unfortunately, many couples put on a groove where they just become comfortable with their daily life. This often leads many couples not to hold hands anymore, kiss, or even discuss their day. It's important that you do not let your relationship progress to this point, as it often spells trouble. As often as possible, you'll want to express your love and appreciation for your live-in partner or spouse, both in action and in words.

It's also important to go out of your house. As with showing affection, many couples, after a period of time, stop getting out on dates. Whenever you get a free evening, you may want to consider going along a date. What is nice about dates is that just close to any activity can be considered a date. For instance, you can go away to dinner, see a movie, or go have a couple of drinks at a local bar. All of these activities can be considered as a date. Social interaction, both with one another and with other couples, is important to the health of a relationship. For that reason, you and your partner should get around and socialize.

As previously stated, a relationship is all about compromise. Compromise is also aside to keep the romance alive in your relationship. As compatible as you and you partner or spouse may be, you may still have a few differences. Often, these differences show on date nights. When it comes to keeping a date or just doing a simple activity with your partner, it's advised that you comprise as often as possible. This may include having alternate date nights. For case, if your husband wanted to attend a baseball game, you can agree to do so, as long as he agrees to go the movies with you next time.

As outlined above, there are a number of different ways that you can approach keeping the romance alive in your relationship. As difficult as love and romance may seem, it's important that you put forth the extra effort. Not feeling enough support is an issue that the two of you can resolve, but divorce may not be. That's why it's important to not let it begin to that point.

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Patricia Needham said...

I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you can take a look at it to participate if you can. In the meantime happy blogging!
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Hina Naz said...

Lack of romance leads the relationship towards end, One should keep romance in life. Very nice post.

Priscilla Yeo said...

I do believe affection is one key, but not to the concept of compromise.
Compromising doesn't improve your relationship in the long run.
It may save you some troubles at that moment in time, but compromising is almost equal to avoidance.
If you would want to compromise or in some layman terms "letting your love one wins". I think it is important to add in another key element to this mix; and that key element is call "Communications".

Letting your beloved knows why and what you had compromised would allow your beloved to understand you much better. If you both know how to communicate with each other, you need not excercise compromise as much as still your affection will grow because you know what your beloved loves or hates and you will know how to make him/her happy and how to increase the romance and affection in your relationship.

Compromise in silence will increase frustration and when the time comes for a fight, emotions will run high like a volcano eruption and may have no returns.

Just my two cents worth.


sophiemdubaiphotography said...

This is a very thoughtful post about relationships and how to maintain them. There are some excellent points here about keeping a certain distance and ensuring there is still a spark in each other's lives. I have learnt so much about keeping your own independence in a relationship in the last few years of my relationships and it really does help. There's always more to learn about yourself and about your partner.

Sherry said...

is never easy to do it alone,
both must cooperate to keep it going.

RANE said...

Great post ...relationships do require a lot of work.. it is important to keep the romance active

Yan Birog said...

this is true. at the end of the day, love is a choice and whether you want to keep your relationship alive depends on both of your choices.

Kylie wenn said...

Romance? I guess it really need two people to work together~

andrew baler said...

yeah, it should stay forever, till your hair turns gray,

Eliz Frank said...

I agree with you that it is important to find romantic places to go to as a couple. After marriage, some fall into the pattern of doing everything at home and never going out... That's a relationship killer for sure.

Sin Yee said...

Affection is the key. And I believe honesty is too! Be honest to your partner.. <3

Karen @ MrsLookingGood said...

Marriage and any other relationship require a lot of working together to make it last and make it successful. There is danger in falling into a routine and just going through the motions of everyday life. Both need to still "date" each other to keep the romance in their relationship.

Francine A said...

That is so true, if you keep on going on dates it reminds you of thee old times and thng shouldn't change after marriage and that

Franc said...

A relationship is really tested once a couple stays in one roof. I guess keeping the romance alive is important and adding spontaneity is really important to keep things interesting.

Phylicia Marie Pineda said...

I totally agree with you. Affection really is key to keeping the relationship alive.

Manu Kalia said...

Great reminders, Taking care of like saying or touching hands can be a huge helpful in a relationship.

savita singh said...

Love to read your article, And i have shared that story with my husband as well. Thanks to do pretty job.

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